Health Coaching

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What is a health coach?

A health coach helps their clients create better health through providing support, tools and suggestions towards lifestyle and dietary change, much like a personal coach would do in a gym towards your fitness goals. We help our clients to create and clarify their health goals and make sure they are sustainable, realistic, and most importantly make them feel great!

How can I help you? 

Health is a personal journey and we know ourselves best. With so much opinions out there about nutrition it can be confusing and overwhelming  about what diet or nutritional advice to follow. As a health coach I encourage you to discover what YOU most need to feel your best. Diet is only one aspect of living a healthy fulfilling life. More importantly we have other life needs that if imbalanced create dis-ease such as sleep, body movement, relationships, career etc. I work with you to discover those imbalances and address them along with supporting a healthy diet that fits you.

Balance is the key to living health-fully!

My unique approach: 

A story holds a lot of power and as Gandhi said “My life is my message”. I tell my story in my bio but the short of it is I grew up in the city disconnected from nature, raised in front of a tv, and eating all the typical overly processed foods of the standard American (SAD) diet that do not support health. I found my own way to health and a huge part of it was through engaging with nature, being in it, and becoming interested in everything that brought me closer to living a natural life especially foraging for food and medicinal plants and fungi. I have learnt so much through my evolution of life and through my story I have first hand knowing of what creates true health. I will share with you my nature based approach to health where by following natures patterns we can create meaning and find motivation in life to not just survive but thrive!

Health is a journey, not a destination

What can I help you with?

Creating healthy habits around food choices (and saving money!): Do you feel you could be eating healthier foods or making better choices? Do you feel eating healthy is expensive? Do you feel you don’t have enough time to cook? Lets explore these questions and find where there is room for improvement. Learn to save money while buying healthy foods, integrate healthful herbs into your diet to promote optimal vitality, meal prep to save time, and feel energized and content from what you eat!

Creating daily routines: Having daily routines automate that activity after repetition so you don’t have to think about it. Its natures way of saving energy resources by doing the everyday things without thinking. If we can create healthy habits and automate them than that would save energy to do more important things we need our thinking power for all the while feeling good about our choices. Morning and evening are both great times to create routine, we can explore both of these and see where routine fits into your lifestyle!

Gut health: This is a great interest of mine. As I got into fermenting my own food I started learning about gut health naturally, and how what we feed our microbiome affects what we feel think and do! Healing the gut and creating a more balanced microbiome can have a broad range of benefits such as  immune system modulation, relief from allergies, reduction in sugar cravings, weight loss, brain and mental health.

 Integrating nature into your daily life (even if you live in a city!): As you probably know about me now, nature has played a huge part in my health journey. Physical, mental and spiritual. More and more people are discovering the importance of being in nature to find a peace of mind and improve their health in so many ways. Even nature is starting to be prescribed by the mainstream medical system (It’s not in a pill either!). Through my relationship with nature I’ve come to find spirituality, empowerment, confidence, peace, happiness, passion and meaning to life as well as physical activities that keep my body in great shape! With all that nature has brought into my life I want to share my love of nature and create the same for you!

"Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth." —Henry David Thoreau