Barefoot Brian

About Me

Hey I'm Brian! I'm a lover of all things nature and have a passion for connecting people to nature. Foraging and rock climbing are my favourite ways to be in nature. Click below to learn more about me!

What I Do

Barefoot Brian Natural Health provides health and earth based wisdom through coaching and workshops to put the power back in your hands. When we reconnect with nature true healing begins. I believe that our bodies illnesses are symptoms of underlying imbalances that most can be resolved through simple practices engaging with nature. Nature is the cure.

Health Coaching

Do you have struggles with reaching health goals or are you looking to optimize your health? Work with me one on one to achieve your health goals either in person or online.

Foraging/Wild Edibles

Learn how to identify, collect, process, and prepare wild herbs for food or medicine from an experienced guide.

Food Preservation and Healthy Cooking

Fermentation, pickling, dehydrating, how to prepare healthy meals, and how to save money doing so!


Check out some of my naturally crafted products, and some other locally made products that I recommend.

Upcoming Workshops

Do you have a health goal?

Would you like to have more energy, sleep better, be free of digestive issues, lose weight, or feel good with your food choices? Are you frustrated with living with these inconveniences?